The Arcana offers a range of innovative therapeutic and empowering services using the timeless wisdom of the Tarot. From Shamanic Tarot Readings designed to provide insight into one’s life and circumstances, to more engaged counselling interventions to help repair the wounds inflicted by our everyday lives and to call our soul home, The Arcana draws deeply from the centuries old history of these powerful and mysterious Cards to provide answers and healing for all willing to heed their voice.

At a more advanced level, The Arcana provides training and services in Tarot Shamanry, a psycho-spiritual technology that synthesises the universal principles of “Core Shamanism”, Jungian “active imagination”, and the pathworking practices of the Western magical traditions.

What Is A ‘Shamanic Tarot Reading’?

A key feature of shamanic practice is the ability to journey to realms of “non-ordinary reality”, the otherworlds, and to be familiar with their features and the beings that inhabit them. The ancient or tribal shaman, and the modern possibly urban shamanic practitioner, has allies, helpers and guides in these worlds whose aid he or she enlists to access healing, gain power, and receive wisdom.

The Tarot Shaman engages with his or her allies and helpers in these otherworlds and directs them to access the allies and helpers of the client in order to obtain the most relevant, powerful and helpful advice for them, at that time.

More than simple “fortune telling”, the Tarot Shaman facilitates a profound communication between the client and his or her own spirit guides, and helps build a bridge between the client and his or her own spiritual universe. This connection, once established, is open and accessible for the individual for the rest of their lives … and beyond!

The Shamanic Tarot Reading provides a genuine, personal, and empowering step on the spiritual path for the seeker who wishes to access their own spirit allies, and their own unique resources of strength and wisdom.

What Is Tarot Shamanry?

A system based largely on guided visualisations and open-ended shamanic journeying, Tarot Shamanry allows the individual to access the archetypes and inner-world features of “non-ordinary reality” to create transformative change, access timeless wisdom, and develop true personal power.

Tarot Shamanry is a dynamic, empowering and self-directed form of meditation and self-enquiry. Whilst it encourages a deeply reflective attitude to one’s own inner world(s) it is also a distinctly active approach to the development of self-awareness, personal development, and genuine spiritual and psychological transformation.

How Does Tarot Shamanry Work?

Tarot Shamanry engages a process of “active imagination”, which has close associations with shamanic journeying and the “pathworking” systems of Western magical schools. These systems all seek to engage the hidden archetypes in our inner (and outer) landscape of “non-ordinary reality” in order to identify blocks, release powerful dormant energies and make them available for conscious use, and for uncovering vast reservoirs of deep inner knowing and wisdom. In Tarot Shamanry these archetypes are revealed to us in the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot; with such evocative images as the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Empress.

The Tarot Shamanry system can be described as a particularly Western psycho-spiritual technology which synthesizes three primary systems of practice and technique:

~ The Mysteries of the Tarot Major Arcana, and the Western Kabbalistic and Hermetic schools from which the Tarot derived;

~ “Core Shamanism” as developed by Dr Michael Harner and taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies;

~ “Active Imagination” as developed as an analytical tool by pioneering Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

The system is also particularly indebted to the ground-breaking work of Edwin Steinbrecher, a Jungian analyst and astrologer who, in the 1960’s, developed the “Inner Guide Meditation” system which also drew on similar sources, as well as astrology.

Finn McMillan is a writer, musician and professional Tarot reader, and a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the international Tarosophy Tarot Association. He is also a psychotherapist and mediator, with professional qualifications in Counselling, Mediation, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Artwork: Solve Et Coagula and Temperance by Katia Honour


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